New York FFA Chapter Recognized by NY Agriculture Society

January 4, 2018 Syracuse, NY

Every year, during the month of January, Syracuse, New York is filled with agriculturalists from all walks of life. The Agricultural Society Forum is an event for agriculturalist to meet and network in order to expand their knowledge and reach within the agricultural world. The forum is known as, “The largest statewide agricultural meeting bringing together all sectors of the food system to explore topics critical to the future of New York Agriculture and to recognize the unique contribution of its stakeholders.” Attendees heard from Agriculture Society President, Elizabeth Claypoole and the New York State Commissioner of Agriculture, Richard Ball while also celebrating a great year for the industry. One such award recognition is of the New York FFA Chapter of the Year.

This year, the Pioneer FFA Chapter was recognized as the 2017 Chapter of the year. The Pioneer FFA chapter is a well-established, three teacher program that has over 100 members and is a key part of their community. Pioneer FFA was recognized at the annual New York State FFA Convention last May as the chapter of the year, and received the National Superior Chapter award at the 90th National FFA Convention this past October. Knowing this, it makes perfect sense as to why this chapter received this prestigious award. In order to receive these awards, members completed several local, state, and national activities in the areas of Growing Leaders, Building Communities, and Strengthening Agriculture. When looking over the application that was sent in by Pioneer it is obvious that not only did this chapter meet all of the expectations but in fact, they exceeded them. 2017 was a great year for the Pioneer FFA Chapter. This chapter has truly made New York FFA proud.

FFA members have the opportunity to continue working with the New York Agricultural Society as a part of their ambassador program. This year, Katie Carpenter, Director of Ag in the Classroom, helped to coordinate the ambassador program. Many familiar faces took part in the program including Ashely Willits, Past National FFA Eastern Region Vice President, Past State President, Sara Millspaugh, and Past State President and Kaylah Gulley, Past State Treasurer, along with so many other FFA members. This program helps to open doors for these ambassadors as they attend workshops and work with a mentor in order to have insight in different fields within the industry.

FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career successful through agriculture education. For more information regarding FFA please visit either or 

Respectfully Submitted By, Kimberly Doyle
NY FFA State Reporter, 2017-2018