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New York is now a 100% Affiliate State starting in the 2018-19 school year. 

Program affiliation allows students who are enrolled in a secondary agricultural education program (grades 7-12, as defined by the National FFA Constitution) or graduates who have met the local, state and national requirements to be eligible for the benefits and opportunities of FFA as part of the total program delivery. Under program affiliation, all students are FFA members. Instead of paying membership dues for each member, chapters pay an affiliation fee for all students enrolled in their agricultural education program. NY allows for 6th grade students to be members, these students are counted in the state affiliation fee scale below. 6th graders are still added to the Junior Roster as linked below.

Number of Chapter Members State Affiliation Fee
1-25 members $200
26-50 members $300
51-100 members $400
101+ members $500

Checks and POs should be made payable and mailed to the:
New York FFA State Association
300 Kennedy Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

ALL chapters must complete membership and submit payment by March 1, 2019.

· Involvement in FFA is an integral part of an agricultural education program serving 7th - 12th grade members and therefore should not be optional. Re-positions FFA as an integral part of agricultural education in the classroom and helps remove the “club” connotation. Every student is a member providing the teacher the option to engage all students in the school based agricultural education, 3-component model.
· Participating in FFA activities helps students develop additional employability skills that cannot be duplicated at the classroom level.
· Students understand the role and importance of professional associations in America’s workforce.
· Students engaged in a comprehensive school-based agricultural education program will experience a well-rounded education that leads to increased academic performance, lower dropout rates and career success.
· Twenty-first-century skill development through FFA is not only for a select few but should be offered to every student in every class, every day.
· Easy to budget. Allows the ability to budget the affiliation fee in advance for local programs.
· Missing students. If a teacher, state staff or national staff member discovers that a student has accidentally been left off a roster, that student can be added at any time without having to pay additional fees. This is beneficial to students applying for scholarships, awards and the American FFA Degree.
· Meets national standards. Automatically makes the program exemplary in Standard 3: Leadership Development, Quality Indicator #1 of the National Quality Program Standards (NQPS) for Agricultural Education approved by the National Council of Agricultural Education.
· More accurate accounting of all students enrolled in agricultural education at local and state levels.
· Provides access to FFA activities, awards and programming to all enrolled agricultural education students regardless of socioeconomic situations.
· Increased membership numbers resulting in the following:
o Increased potential with sponsors as we serve more students.
o Increased numbers of students who are available to participate in FFA activities, awards and recognition programs.
· This gives students the option to choose what they would like to participate in. Think of this like a buffet, chapters/students pay a reduced fee to be able to select what they want from the buffet or they can consume it all.
· Eleven other states are using this type of membership system and have seen growth in participation at all levels. None of the eleven states has reverted to the traditional membership system and some of these states have been doing this since 2011.
· Our national delegate count will increase, which allows us to have more representation at the national level.

If you need roster assistance or help setting up your account, please contact Catie Rowe at New agricultural education programs should also contact Derek Hill at to begin the chapter charter process.

2019-20 Junior Membership

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How can my child join FFA?
Your child join FFA if they are a student at a school where agricultural education is offered.