Leadership Awards & Applications

State Officer Application

E-mail notice of intent to run by March 1.  Application postmarked by March 15.




E-mail notice of intent to run by December 15.  Application postmarked by January 15.
Interviews are tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 25, 2017 during the Farm Show in Syracuse at the State Fairgrounds.



Nominating Committee Application

E-mail notice of intent of participation by March 15.



FFA Jacket Award 

The FFA Jacket Award was started in 2009 and allows the current New York State Officers to recognize those FFA members who have shown outstanding promise in their future as an FFA member and an advocate for agriculture. Current FFA members in grades 7-11 are eligible.

Deadline is March 15

If you are interested in sponsoring an FFA jacket, please contact Derek Hill.


New FFA Chapter jacket award

The New FFA Chapter Jacket Award Program began in 2016 and allows the State Association to recognize those new or reinstated chapters who are making great progress in establishing the FFA Chapter as a integral part of their schools learning community. This award is for those chapters chartered or reinstated within the last two years who do not already have a set of chapter jackets.

Deadline is March 15


District President Application

District Presidents are selected to represent FFA members, NY Agricultural Education Students and FFA chapters in their district.

Applications must be postmarked by February 15. Open the application pdf and select enable all features to fill out form.

Application and contract
District President Handbook