Testimonials from New York Agricultural Ed

Robin McClean
Former NYS FFA Officer
I teach agriculture to open student's eyes to the world around them, help them make connections to the bigger picture, and provide them with the realization that agriculture is everywhere. Plus, it's in my blood: my grandfather was an agriculture teacher, my dad an art teacher, and I an ag teacher.

Richard Campany
Alexandria Central School
35 years of service
My love for agriculture came from growing up on a farm. It instill in me a fondness of plants and animals. I also believe in the power of FFA, and hopefully can pass this feeling on to others!

Tedra Bean
Belleville Henderson Central School
3 years of service
I teach ag because I enjoy influencing future leaders.

Chris Smith
Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville Central School
2 years of service
I teach ag to give back to an organization (FFA) that has made me who I am today, and to educate our youth and community about the importance, and necessity of agriculture.

Tara Berescik
Tri-Valley Central School
14 years of service

I teach because I get to do all the things I dreamed about as a kid in one job! I wanted to be a vet, and I teach peopl to care for and understand animals. I loved playing with flowers and I get to teach others to be florists. I wanted to be a mom and I get o be one ot hundreds of kids every year. I get to tromp outside in the stream, play with bugs, travel to exotic places, and while I see it through my own eyes, it means a million times more when I see the world through the eyes of my kids! They make me remember to always be young at heart, and that one person can lead a life of influence!

Mike Gault
Edwards Knox Central School

20 years of service
I know agriculture is important, and with the freedom in my curriculum, I am able to incorporate hands-on projects in the classroom.

Lisa Konnerth
Eastern Suffolk BOCES
9 years of service
I enjoy teaching my students how to be successful doing something that I love. I enjoy hearing their stories - when they've been hired, and how they use the skills they learned in my classes.