The 2016-2017 State Officer Team started the "No Member Fights Alone" Campaign over the summer. Overall, our goal for the campaign is to raise money to give to cancer funds all across New York to further cancer research. Our team was inspired by a mutual friend who was inspired to raise money for her local cancer fund to help others in need. However, during summer of 2015 she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor that spread to her spine. In the time since she was diagnosed, thankfully she has gotten better. Cancer in her spine has almost vanished and the brain tumor is smaller than when it was discovered over a year ago.

Since she has worked so hard to raise money when she was younger, we thought it would be a great way to give back and also show our support. Rubber bracelets are being sold at every State FFA event in honor of raising awareness. All proceeds earned will bedonated to a different cancer fund each time. All funds raised during the Fall season will go to the Jonathan Cancer Fund in Syracuse, NY. 

We are excited to announce that over the summer we were able to raise almost $2,000, which has been donated to the St. Lawrence County Cancer Fund. 

Under the pavilion at the January 2017 212-360 Fun Night excited FFA members were found filling brown paper bags with craft supplies. Over the course of three hours FFA members from all over New York packaged craft bags to send to children's wards at local hospitals. Operation: Bags of Joy was a huge success with around 500 bags donated. Each bag contained a coloring book, crayons along with supplies and instructions to make a God's eye. Our hope is that these bags will bring joy to all the children that have to spend time in the hospital with little to do. Thank you to everyone who supported Operation: Bags of Joy and “No Member Fights Alone.” Together we are doing our part to bring joy to those in need.  

Click here to order t-shirts and sweatshirts to help support the cause. Thank you!